Custom Cable Assemblies and Cable Harnesses

Custom cable assemblies and harnesses from Gourmet Electronics are quality constructed, delivered on time, and 100% continuity tested. No two jobs are alike and we apply our 28 years of experience into each build. Small runs, medium runs, prototypes, quick-turn and mass production. We can do it all.

We specialize in:

  • Multi Conductor Cables

From 2 conductors and up, shielded, braided with or without twisted pairs, this cable is the mainstay of current cabling. From 30awg to monster cables, we build them all.

  • Wire and Cable Harnesses

Multi conductor and discrete wires postitoned for drop into a device to distribute power and signal.
Some are compact, some are big as a bus. We have been expects in harnessing for over 20 years.

  • Industrial Assemblies

Often heavy duty for demanding applications, these assemblies need special attention for ruggedized applications.

  • MIL Spec Cables

Often requiring specialized cable and connectors and tooling, we have the experience to build to the Mil-Spec requirements.
Lockheed, Rockwell and Boeing are a few of our customers.

  • Robotic Cabling

The products used for Robotic applications are designed with movement in mind.Most are either Torque, Rotation or endurance rated we have years of experience with these cables alone, bundles or in a track assembly.

  • RF Cables

From BNC’s to SMA’s and almost everything in-between, we have the tooling and experience to build the simple to the Mil-Spec rated cables.

  • Electro Mechanical Assembly

  • Battery Packs

We also build all sorts for specialized designs of Racks, Boxes or Fabricated items.

  • Medical Devices

  • Automatic Crimping

  • Soldering

  • Clean Room Assembly

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