Designed for use with cable ties or electrical tape, bundling clips provide a simple method of securing wire and cable bundles. HellermannTyton offers these clips in standard and standoff orientations, with a variety of mounting options.

Connector clips offer an easy way to secure and mount wire harnesses. Choose from a wide range of clip styles with a variety of mount options including edge clip, fir tree and push mount styles.

HellermannTyton edge clips mount and route wire and cable bundles without the need for mounting holes or additional fasteners. Edge clips feature a metal clip that firmly attaches to a plastic or metal edge and an additional clip area that holds a wire or cable bundle. HellermannTyton offers edge clips in a variety of high performance materials, including stainless steel.

The C-shaped opening of these clips allows for easy insertion and removal of tubes and hoses. C Clips feature a modular design that allows them to be linked together to secure multiple bundles. Options include a model with an integrated fir tree mount that inserts into existing holes and a model with a cable tie that secures to tubular frame rails.

Locking C Clips are designed with a pressure sensitive clip that automatically closes around cable and hose bundles as the bundle is inserted. These clips feature a modular design that allows them to be linked together to secure multiple bundles. Available with or without an integrated push mount that snaps into existing holes.

Screw mount clips are available for different bundle diameters, these clips screw into surfaces to provide a secure fixing point for routing wire and cable bundles. The open clip design allows easy placement and release of bundles, for quick installation and maintenance.

Convoluted tubing clips provide a quick and easy method for securing and routing convoluted tubing. The clip includes an internal rib that prevents lateral movement of tubing. Convoluted tubing clips are available in stud mount or fir tree mount models for different bundle diameters.

nail clips are designed for routing wire and cable on wood, drywall, masonry joints, cinder block and mortar, nail clips include a hardened steel nail that won’t bend during installation.

hase clamps are available in sizes ranging from .25” to 4.5” in diameter, HellermannTyton “Snapper” hose clamps easily ratchet closed for quick and easy installation. Made of high performance, durable plastic materials, these lightweight clamps apply firm, even pressure that will not distort or crush hoses.

P clamps are P-shaped clamps are designed to secure cable, hose and wire bundles by attaching to them to existing holes. Made of a durable but lightweight plastic material, they are ideal for use in applications where weight minimization is important.