WIRE DUCT – Pro-Duct wiring duct effeciently routes and protects wire qnd cable. Made from high impact, rigid PVC, pro-Duct includes solid, slotted and high density slotted styles. Duct comes in standard colors of white, gray, and black in 6/ft lenghts.

HELAWRAP – Helawrap is the flexible and complete solution for bundling, protecting and securing cables and wires. Material options include both rugged Polypropylene (PP) and flam retardent Polyamide 6 V0 (PA6V0).

SPIRALWRAP – Spiralwrap protective sheathing allows flexible routing and lead-out of cables. U.L. recognized Spiralwrap is reusable and resistant to most chemicals. natural and black are standard colors. additional colors may be available dependent upon volume requirements.

CONVOLUTED TUBING – Convoluted tubing provides an efficient method of routing and protecting wire harness assemblies, while reducing the chance of installation damage. It also offers excellent protection against auto fluids, vibration wear, water, snow, ice and the effects of heat, cold, and sunlight on cables.

BRAIDED SLEEVING – Braided sleeving provides protection for hoses, cable assemblies, and wire bundles against abrasion and damage caused by excessive wear and motion.

GROMMET – Flexiform grommet is a unique, continuous wire protection product whitch fits easily in all shapes and sizes of holes without the aid of tools or adhesives. Can be used on any type of material including wood, steel, aluminum, plexiglass, and glass.

ELECTRICAL TAPE – Can be used for color coding, cable splicing, terminating, wire insulating, and more. Available in Brown, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Gray.