HellermannTyton Thermal Label Printers

Gourmet Electronics supports the full line of HellermannTyton thermal label printers and labels. HellermannTyton offers you the ability to print on a variety of surfaces and label types, all from the same printer!

  • Standard polyvinyl flat labels (panels and PC boards)
  • Self laminating cable wrapping labels (wire, cable and tubings)
  • Heat shrinkable tubing (wire and cable)
  • Continuous vinyl rolls (panels and installations)
  • Foam name plate labels (panels and button labels)

All HellermannTyton labels are heat and wear resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, or inside any panel installation or enclosure. TagPrint software enables printing 1 label or 10,000 in one click. Print sequentially, serialized barcodes, or warning labels and designs on a variety of materials.

Choose from the following models based on your application.

TT230SM (HT part number 556-00230)

TT230SMThe standard desktop model, the TT230SM, is a durable, space conscious printer that can print small to medium label runs. If you only print a few thousand labels a month this printer can offer years and years of printing performance.

TTM430/TTM460 (HT part number 556-00430/556-00460)

TTM430/TTM460This model is ideal for commercial and industrial manufacturing applications where label runs are in the 10,000-100,000 per month range. The TTM430 and TTM460 print seamlessly and fast, up to 500 labels per minute.

SwiftMark Automatic Label Printer and Applicator

SwiftMark Automatic Label Printer The SwiftMark in an automatic label printer and applicator system designed specifically for the wire and cable industry. Completely self-contained and state of the art, the SwiftMark automatically prints and wraps self laminating labels, increasing labeling capacity by up to 400%. The ultimate in wire and cable identification technology.